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Shades of Red – Colors of red lipstick needed by all women

One staple in every woman’s makeup bag has got to be red lipstick. But red lipstick come in every kind of shade and every formulation from most brands. So how to do pick the shade that is best for you? There is the now very known understanding of undertones. And this is about undertones and one shade of red lipstick. Warm undertones go better with warmer shades of red lipstick. But why? Frankly, I think when you wear undertones that do not match with yours, the color pop a lot more due to the stark contrast. So which all red lipstick does one really need.

Putting the kinds of formulation aside, I’m talking about colors of red lipstick. The subtle shade difference that makes the red look different on each skin tone. The difference in the color of red can because of the undertone of your skin. For example, Lady Danger from MAC looks pinkish on my warm undertone and a true red of my friend’s cooler undertone. Now those aside, these are truly the different kinds of red that (I think) every woman needs in her makeup bag.

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