Lorraine Heath: Midnight Pleasures with a Scoundrel (Scoundrel’s of St. James #4)

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This is a review on a new author. I really do not know how I stumbled into her books. All I know is her writing and story is almost at par with one of my favorites: Lisa Kleypas (If you are looking to read a book by Kleypas, I recommend¬†“Dreaming of You” click¬†here for the review. Lorraine Heath is a newer find and definitely in my to read list. Her stories are compelling, witty and overall charming. Her books have this charm that reels you in. None more that this book, her fourth book in the Scoundrels of St. James series. The predecessors are all great books with humorous and touching stories. But this one book (I feel) is so much more special than all the others combined. Read on for a review with some few spoilers. Continue reading “Lorraine Heath: Midnight Pleasures with a Scoundrel (Scoundrel’s of St. James #4)”

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Love, Come to Me by Lisa Kleypas


So starting my blog with a book by an Author who was introduced to me by my roommate at college. Lisa Kleypas is a New York Times Best Selling Author known best for her Historical Romance genre. As a new fan I’ve read quite a few of them. Although her writing style differs through the decades (She started back in 1980s) she writes each book with passionate, driven, proud and compassionate characters who stay with you even once the last page has been turned.

Love Come To MeThe latest book I read was actually released about 3 decades back in the 1988. Her writing style has definitely changed over the years considering the society and culture has changed quite a bit since then. I read this book via my Kindle Paperwhite which in all honestly deserves a review of its own.

The story revolves around Mr Heath Rayne who goes above and beyond to secure Ms Lucinda Caldwell as his wife after having glimpsed her on a roadside one time. Love at first sight. *sigh* Lucinda is feisty strong young woman who falls in love with the dashing young Mr. Rayne but is reluctant to admit it as she is betrothed to be married to her childhood love Mr. Daniel Collier. Having deliberately compromised Lucinda’s honor, Mr. Rayne offers to marry her to redeem it in the eyes of polite society, which she accepts.

Lucy’s character matures and grows over the course of the book. She realises the difference between easy love and true love. Surprisingly the book also deals with the responsibilities that are thrust onto the shoulders of women in that era (and perhaps in current times too). The difficulties of relocating to a new surrounding, moving outside the comfort zone, setting up a new house and coming to terms with the fact that one may never actually know one’s partner as well as they think.

Heath’s character is somewhat more robust and secretive, bulldozing his way through life, working for what and who he wants, but all centered around his love for his feisty wife. Sometimes we all wish for man like that in our lives right? His character isn’t without his flaws though, and maybe those of us who like to have complete control over our lives could understand him. But at heart he is a loving husband, with a passionate work ethic and proves to greatly loyal to those he holds dearest at heart.

Overall the book was a splendid read. Of course considering the release time, there are a few aspects in the book that did not sit well with me. But understandable none the less. If you are a fan of Lisa Kleypas give this one a try. Its not as famous or loved as her Wallflower series or Hathway series but is a lovely read.

Rating: 4/5