Brazilian Wax for the Indian Mind

I think everyone feels peer pressure at some stage in life, if not all. I remember, back in my 7th grade, one girl (the famous one) had come to school having waxed her legs. All the girls and guys were intrigued and excited respectively. She gave the impression that waxing was the in thing and certainly the boys enjoyed the idea. I remember thinking then, that waxing would make me more appealing to everyone, gain more friends, be more popular as they say. I hopped onto that bandwagon and now 15 years later I’m paying the price. That’s a story for another day, I’m working on mitigating the consequences of my waxing.

This is my opinion on Brazilian wax. For those of you who do not know what a Brazilian wax is, you basically reduce yourself to your prepubescent version of yourself down there. This will hopefully have answers to the questions you have about the Brazilian Wax.

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Colourpop: International Payment and Shipping


I know I’m a little late to the party when it comes to this brand of makeup. Colourpop is now famous for provided luxury type of quality in drugstore range of price, sometimes even for economical.

Since I don’t have a credit card to make online purchases for post International websites that offer international shipping I was pleased to know that Colourpop does accept Paypal which I fortunately activated for my SB account for payment for an exam. The process to activate Paypal is extremely easy. It only requires you to activate your account by making a $12 payment. The amount is debited from your account and is remitted back into your account within 30 days. This option of Paypal enables me to make online purchases from international websites without the necessity of having a credit card. I wanted from Em Cosmetics but it currently does not ship to India. Though some companies accept Paypal not all of them do. This is an option for you guys who do not have a credit card.

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Teenager to Adult: How to tackle your early 20s


I know most people tend to write about the significance of your entire 20s, and it is very useful, but having crossed over into the post 25s, I’ve realized a LOT happens during the time you hit legal adulthood at 18.

At 17 you are still in high school, pressured by parents, teachers or even yourself to keep a good track record of grades and curricular activities to make application to graduate school more appealing. Once you get into college, its a whole other ball game. While there are some people who study close to home, there are many starry eyed youngsters venturing out into the world for the first by heading to hostels and dormitories. No amount of advice and prep talk can actually prepare you for how that kind of freedom feels like. I remember eagerly leaving home and living in hostel till graduation and I never felt home sick. I was excited. Looking back, I suppose a part of it was due to the fact that I was going to Manipal University. Whichever college you head to, there are a few headlights that you get hit by.

  1. The freedom you get is a trust that is placed in you by your folks to not screw up. They are setting you free but watch you from the corner of their eye. Don’t screw that up. Its natural to want to experiment a few things here and there in college. I would even advice you to try because it is the only way you know for sure what truly interests you. When to draw the line? Listen to your gut. Its there for a reason.
  2. One true friend is better than a hundred acquaintances.  Finding friends is not easy. You can sharpen your socializing skills here. Meet more people. When you do find them,  keep ’em close. You won’t get them in all walks of your life. Friends are the family you get to choose. So choose wisely.
  3. Unless you’ve done away with your virginity when you were in high school, Its very likely that this is the time period when you are going to be intimate with someone. Try not to fall to peer pressure. Having said that I also would advice on NOT waiting for perfection to walk up. If you have serious feelings for a person who you can be honest and connect with go for it. Having said that, Sex when you aren’t in the mood is a painful and awkward process. Be honest with your partner.
  4. Take your studies seriously. Its why you went there. Keep a decent GPA. The reason being is that most companies will have a minimum requirement of CGPA. One thing I did not consider, which I had, was the percentage conversion. CGPA to percentage could drastically reduce your overall mark which may cause a problem when trying to meet the required criteria.  So depending on your college and job opportunities, do your homework and find out the minimum requirement and trying keeping a few points above that to be safe. You will thank yourself for the extra hard work when you are job hunting.

College is going to open your eyes to whole load of new experiences and people. Try to keep an open mind and not judge. Circumstances and situation greatly change our course of action so be prepared for a few hurdles. Overall this early adulthood is the time when most people turn into the butterfly you are meant to be. This time is unique because you have almost all advantages of being an adult without the worries of adult life (bills, targets, etc). Try to forge your friendships and gather as many memories you can. Life goes by way too fast to not enjoy the moment.

Good Luck!




Beauty Counter Courage


Many times when I’ve gone to the cosmetic counter I’ve been bombarded with question of “Ma’am do you need lipstick? or eyeliner? Perhaps a compact?” The torrent of question is so rapid that I often get intimidated and overwhelmed and forget what I wanted to buy in the first place.

It takes certain amount of courage for a people pleaser like me to go there and say ‘no’ to these sales assistants. I feels its also important not to hurt any feelings or step on any toes. Its the same theory I have at being polite to restaurant services so that they don’t sneeze into my food :D.

First thing I do is walk in and let them know that I’m only looking for this particular item as politely as possible. While walking around just window shopping, I give my head a slight shake when a sales assistant approaches letting them know that I’m not interested in purchasing any item.

I hope I’m not the only one who feels incredibly insecure while sitting in that makeup chair getting some product applied on me. I have to steel myself of all my insecurities when I’m sitting there. Hoping I’m not alone in that feeling. To distract myself I usually think about the product I’m buying. Contemplating price, quality, effectiveness and usability. This usually helps me keep my head when I’m sitting there.

Any tips you have to share please leave a comment.

Have a great day!!


When to spend and when to save


Recently I was walking by my local cosmetics shop contemplating on buying some new makeup products after ages. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular just browsing around. I was stumped by the ranges of products to their prices. I remember back in high school when all i used was a black eyeliner and lip balm. The variety of products have increased since then and now customers are spoiled for choice, maybe even a little intimidated. So coming to the point, when you finally reach a place in life when you need some cosmetics can afford the products and use them effectively, what do you decide on? Which brand? Where to start? Is it a given that the more expensive the better the quality??

Most brands will have a price bracket to target different financial sectors of their customers.  So when walking around the trying and testing products, make sure you try the lower priced products as well. Some of them really give you a bang for your buck! One brand for makeup I would request you check out is Faces Canada as well as Elle 18. Both have pretty good products for their price range. But do remember, the products may not have the polish, lasting capability or shelf life as there counterparts in the variant above. If you are figuring yourself out, testing products to see what suits you, start out here. It will give you an idea to what you prefer and will not seem as intimidating.

On the skincare side, Juicy Chemistry & Lotus are good options. The reason being the ingredients put into the product. So keep a look out for the key ingredients as well as chemical ones. The herbal factor is an added bonus for people with sensitive skin and acne prone skin. Juicy chemistry in my opinion is worth every note you put down. It comprises of organic ingredients without preservatives, this means that you have to use the product in 2-3 months as they start to decompose.  Lotus has a great range of sunscreen. For kids going to school, load up on this. I cannot emphasis on how important it is especially if you play sports or walk to school. Some brands use paraben formulations. If you aren’t sure, research on your phone on the spot before picking it up

So once you’ve figured it what you like, where to spend and where to save? Well, whatever goes directly onto your face like face cream, primer or foundation require better quality since it sits directly on your skin. And a larger surface area of your skin might I say. Teenagers don’t really need primer or foundation, your skin in beautiful right now, so please stick to a sunscreen, BB cream or any other tinted moisturizer. As you age, I would say recommend better quality skin care rather than makeup. If your skin is well nourished, the lesser make up you need.  Invest in a good serum, targeting the problematic section of your skin: acne, pigmentation, fine lines etc. For more mature skin, opt for a good night cream that intensively moisturizes your skin. Juicy chemistry, Lotus, Lakme and L’Oreal have a few that produce results with dedicated regular use.

Under makeup, foundation (liquid or powder) should be where you invest the most. If you are not sure which brand to go for, research on the reviews of foundations from family members, different bloggers and friends keeping a keen eye out on their skin type and skin texture. If the canvas is different the resulting painting will also differ. Your skin type and texture are deciding factors when picking out a foundation, so test the market before you settle on your holy grail. If you have a choice between a expensive foundation or expensive lipstick, go for the foundation, not only because of the quality ingredients that settle on your skin, but also the longevity and polish of the product.

Lipstick, blushes and eyeshadow are places where you can save, if don’t have uber sensitive skin. There are many dupes of famous brands and shades available. Further, luxury brands like Lancome, Armani, YSL etc are from brands (L’Oreal) that also create products for the masses. So the colors and quality eventually trickles down to these products. For example, the L’Oreal matte moist lipstick or the Pure Reds have a mention able  quality and color range. If you wear your eyeliner in your waterline, please be picky about these as well. Rather avoid a nasty infection in your eye.

Lastly, more than anything, if you are buying products, even if they are online, try the product on yourself at the counter before you commit. The effect you saw on a video or picture of a blogger may differ on your skin because of your skin undertone and texture. I once bought a foundation totally wrong for my skin and wasted quite a bit of money on it.

Splurge on a luxury item once in a while. I can’t tell about their foundations since I have never used them, but the lipticks (even the matte ones) are softly moisturizing and last well enough.

Good Luck shopping!!



Book nerd or Beauty or Both?


I’m sure more that one person has faced this and as one of the many, I’ve either faced that judgement fact that a ‘girl who looks like you’ can’t be into books or vice versa and all you folks with an opinion, I’m saying there are many. So after seeing all the amazing bloggers out I was inspired to try there I decided to try this out. A lover of books and all things beauty.

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