Ride Steady by Kirsten Ashley

Judith Mcnaught really brought me into the world of romance. Her storylines and writing style was something that sucked me into that hole and I’ve been drowning in it since. Not that I’m complaining. After collecting and completing her books, a friend of mine introduced me to Lisa Kleypas. Gosh, I love her books too. Especially Dreaming of You. I do not even know how many times I’ve read that particular book. I had been eagerly waiting for her latest release Devil’s Daughter, when I stumbled into the first book I read by Kirsten Ashley. That book was Mystery Man. After reading the Dream man series, naturally I moved onto the Chaos Series (The last book of the Dream Man Series leads into The Chaos Series). I completed that entire series too. I can say that this book Ride Steady stood out for me (Fire Inside and Wild like the Wind are close second and third.

So for the non spoiler part of the review. This book is really something. Carson Steele (aka Joker) had nothing going for him growing up until he found Chaos MC where he found his place. But the missing piece of his life was the girl of his dreams Carissa Teodoro, his high school love. Carissa Teodoro was the girl sweet girl in school, cheerleader and homecoming queen, dating the quarterback of the football team. Her life is shattered when her husband divorces her when she is pregnant, leaving her with virtually nothing. A chance encounter between the two seems like fate (or in this case, the author) has these two destined to be together. The book shows how truly supportive a partner can be and the depth of love that the two lead characters have for each other. Really, this book reminds me so much of Paradise by Judith Mcnaught. If nothing else, give this book a read, it will not let you down.

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Book Review: Devil’s Daughter by Lisa Kleypas

I cannot put into words how excited I was about this book when Devil in Spring was released in February of last year. I mean this is Sebastian and Evie’s first born child and add that to the character of West Ravenel, who has the sense of humor that any girl would fall for. I pre-ordered the book and right on cue it landed in my Kindle on the release date. I stayed awake most of the night to finish it. My itch is that once I start a book, I cannot stop until I finish it or the series. I’ve been on a new binge with an another author (the reason why I have not posted in forever, but that is for later)

So coming to the non spoiler part of the book review, it was a bit of a let down for me. It did not have any of the normal angst and sweetness that I’ve come to expect with a Lisa Kleypas novel. Do not get me wrong, the book is good for a love story. Great story, amazing lead characters and even better supporting characters. But this book was not even nearly as good as Devil in Spring. Some sections are stretched way too long, perhaps to show the building of the chemistry. But others were way too rushed such as the ending. Honestly, I was more excited about the scenes of Sebastian the Duke of Kingston. I would tell you to skip this book in her series and read Devil in Spring, Marrying Winterborne or even Cold Hearted Rake.

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Lorraine Heath: Midnight Pleasures with a Scoundrel (Scoundrel’s of St. James #4)

Hey guys,

This is a review on a new author. I really do not know how I stumbled into her books. All I know is her writing and story is almost at par with one of my favorites: Lisa Kleypas (If you are looking to read a book by Kleypas, I recommend¬†“Dreaming of You” click¬†here for the review. Lorraine Heath is a newer find and definitely in my to read list. Her stories are compelling, witty and overall charming. Her books have this charm that reels you in. None more that this book, her fourth book in the Scoundrels of St. James series. The predecessors are all great books with humorous and touching stories. But this one book (I feel) is so much more special than all the others combined. Read on for a review with some few spoilers. Continue reading “Lorraine Heath: Midnight Pleasures with a Scoundrel (Scoundrel’s of St. James #4)”


Book Review: Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas

Hey guys!

So this book that I read a few months ago was released a LONG time ago. To give an idea of how old this book was released in 1994, meaning I was three and now I’m 26. This book is what got me hooked onto Lisa Kleypas. Her story telling is very different in this book as compared to her newer releases. And of course as to be expected the story is very time period oriented. Needless to say this historical romance review is one of the best romance novels I’ve read. I know it did not sit well with a lot of readers but this story just tugged on my heart strings and has not let go. I still read this book again because of the amazing feeling this book leaves me with.

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Book Review: The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare


After my long love for Judith Mcnaught and Lisa Kleypas, I have re-fallen in love with Tessa Dare’s story telling. The author certainly has a way with words. Humorous and Heart warming, her story telling may not always be accurate historically but the story as such is something new and honestly refreshing.

Most authors have a similarity in their novels which you can observe if you have read enough of their book. Judith Mcnaught stories are often very emotional, with some huge misunderstanding between the lead pair that causes an estrangement which later resolves out. Similarity in the physicality of the of the hero and heroine to the love-making scene stand out after reading a few of Judith Mcnaught’s books.

Lisa Kleypas’s books bring out more humor with her similarity lying in the fact that either protagonist falls ill as is nursed back to health by the other leading to dramatic change in emotion which causes ‘passionate love’ as quoted from her books. Both books rely of both leading members to be physically attractive in each other and everyone else’s eyes. That is where Tessa Dare is different.

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Book Review: Hello Stranger by Lisa Kleypas


I remember reading ‘Devil in Spring’ with such adoration that I could not wait for the next in the Ravenels Series. I was disappointed when the release date for ‘Hello Stranger’ was February 25th of 2018. So I locked my excitement in a box and tucked it away in the corner of my mind. When the book released, I bought the kindly version and started reading it pronto. So beware spoilers will be there in my review.

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Book Review, Romance

Paradise by Judith Mcnaught

So I got into this genre of of books during my post graduation. Till then I was all about the fantasy books or mystery novels. I used to read the occasional Mills&Boon to satisfy my quota of romantic books. Non of them never really gripped my attention like the way this author has. Judith Mcnaught is a sensational author who knows how to express the emotion through words that grips the reader till the very last page. The first book I read of her’s was Something Wonderful that I will write a review on some day.

This is Paradise. Set in 1989 Chicago Illionis originally published in 1991 and re-released in 2003 by Pocket Books. The story revolves around a 18 year old young heiress Meredith Bancroft and 26 year old steel worker Matt Farrell. Introduced by pure coincidence at a country club and acting on a spark of chemistry unlike any the either have faced before.

Their brief ill-fated passionate marriage ends in heartbreak and tragedy which they blame each other for 11 years. When now successful Intercop owner Matt Farrell threatens to stall plans that Interim President Meredith Bancroft has for her company she is forced to confront Matt in an encounter that reveals the truth and lies that tore them apart over a decade back. Meredith must now face the heartbreaking prospect of having everything that her heart wants as opposed to her childhood dream of running the company she was meant to inherit.

This book for a contemporary romance is heart wrenching and heart warming in equal measure. Judith Mcnaught has penned the character of Matt Farrell as a dream man of every woman on the planet. The quiet strength, passion and determination of this dream character is portrayed in both decades during the book. Meredith is the sweet, loving and forgiving heroine who captures the heart of the hero on first sight. The book was published over 25 years ago, I would describe this book as an ever green book due to the story and writing style of this book.

The book is the first in the series of Second Opportunities. The following books are some what of a let down after the build up of this book. Another book I would definitely recommend is Every Breath You Take.


Book Review, Romance

Love, Come to Me by Lisa Kleypas


So starting my blog with a book by an Author who was introduced to me by my roommate at college. Lisa Kleypas is a New York Times Best Selling Author known best for her Historical Romance genre. As a new fan I’ve read quite a few of them. Although her writing style differs through the decades (She started back in 1980s) she writes each book with passionate, driven, proud and compassionate characters who stay with you even once the last page has been turned.

Love Come To MeThe latest book I read was actually released about 3 decades back in the 1988. Her writing style has definitely changed over the years considering the society and culture has changed quite a bit since then. I read this book via my Kindle Paperwhite which in all honestly deserves a review of its own.

The story revolves around Mr Heath Rayne who goes above and beyond to secure Ms Lucinda Caldwell as his wife after having glimpsed her on a roadside one time. Love at first sight. *sigh* Lucinda is feisty strong young woman who falls in love with the dashing young Mr. Rayne but is reluctant to admit it as she is betrothed to be married to her childhood love Mr. Daniel Collier. Having deliberately compromised Lucinda’s honor, Mr. Rayne offers to marry her to redeem it in the eyes of polite society, which she accepts.

Lucy’s character matures and grows over the course of the book. She realises the difference between easy love and true love. Surprisingly the book also deals with the responsibilities that are thrust onto the shoulders of women in that era (and perhaps in current times too). The difficulties of relocating to a new surrounding, moving outside the comfort zone, setting up a new house and coming to terms with the fact that one may never actually know one’s partner as well as they think.

Heath’s character is somewhat more robust and secretive, bulldozing his way through life, working for what and who he wants, but all centered around his love for his feisty wife. Sometimes we all wish for man like that in our lives right? His character isn’t without his flaws though, and maybe those of us who like to have complete control over our lives could understand him. But at heart he is a loving husband, with a passionate work ethic and proves to greatly loyal to those he holds dearest at heart.

Overall the book was a splendid read. Of course considering the release time, there are a few aspects in the book that did not sit well with me. But understandable none the less. If you are a fan of Lisa Kleypas give this one a try. Its not as famous or loved as her Wallflower series or Hathway series but is a lovely read.

Rating: 4/5