Ride Steady by Kirsten Ashley

Judith Mcnaught really brought me into the world of romance. Her storylines and writing style was something that sucked me into that hole and I’ve been drowning in it since. Not that I’m complaining. After collecting and completing her books, a friend of mine introduced me to Lisa Kleypas. Gosh, I love her books too. Especially Dreaming of You. I do not even know how many times I’ve read that particular book. I had been eagerly waiting for her latest release Devil’s Daughter, when I stumbled into the first book I read by Kirsten Ashley. That book was Mystery Man. After reading the Dream man series, naturally I moved onto the Chaos Series (The last book of the Dream Man Series leads into The Chaos Series). I completed that entire series too. I can say that this book Ride Steady stood out for me (Fire Inside and Wild like the Wind are close second and third.

So for the non spoiler part of the review. This book is really something. Carson Steele (aka Joker) had nothing going for him growing up until he found Chaos MC where he found his place. But the missing piece of his life was the girl of his dreams Carissa Teodoro, his high school love. Carissa Teodoro was the girl sweet girl in school, cheerleader and homecoming queen, dating the quarterback of the football team. Her life is shattered when her husband divorces her when she is pregnant, leaving her with virtually nothing. A chance encounter between the two seems like fate (or in this case, the author) has these two destined to be together. The book shows how truly supportive a partner can be and the depth of love that the two lead characters have for each other. Really, this book reminds me so much of Paradise by Judith Mcnaught. If nothing else, give this book a read, it will not let you down.

For the spoiler part of the review, Adult Carson Steele is the mechanic of Ride Garage and the unbeatable fighter of the underground circuit, only interested in women for instant gratification. His encounter with Carissa on the highway with her and her son leaves him torn between having her for himself and pushing her away for her own sake, for he believes the demons that trouble him, will slowly suck the life from her as well. After receiving advice from Tack, he takes the leap of faith, so to speak and Carissa does not disappoint. She and her son Travis prove to be the steady rock in his life, the presence that gives him peace and happiness. After a few minor bumps along the way, this Chaos couple rides true and rides steady. Reading how they work through their issues is like therapy, seriously!

“Wanted you,” he replied. “In high school, I wanted you. So bad, my life went to shit, like it went to shit every fucking day, to give my head some peace, I’d draw you.”

“Look at my life, Carson. Outside Travis, happy is hard. But honestly, I could be in my old apartment, paying through the nose for daycare for Travis, squirting generic ketchup on generic tater tots, but if I also had you, I’d be happy”.

“You’ve been in love with me since high school?” I breathed. “Did you actually look at the sketch I gave you?” he replied. “It’s you. It’s always been you. It’ll always be you. Fuckin’always.”

I mean, come on! This book is really something else.

Rating – 4.5/5 (Her previous books had a lot of sex scenes. This one lacked that. Probably to make it more romantic, I guess.)