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Shades of Red – Colors of red lipstick needed by all women

One staple in every woman’s makeup bag has got to be red lipstick. But red lipstick come in every kind of shade and every formulation from most brands. So how to do pick the shade that is best for you? There is the now very known understanding of undertones. And this is about undertones and one shade of red lipstick. Warm undertones go better with warmer shades of red lipstick. But why? Frankly, I think when you wear undertones that do not match with yours, the color pop a lot more due to the stark contrast. So which all red lipstick does one really need.

Putting the kinds of formulation aside, I’m talking about colors of red lipstick. The subtle shade difference that makes the red look different on each skin tone. The difference in the color of red can because of the undertone of your skin. For example, Lady Danger from MAC looks pinkish on my warm undertone and a true red of my friend’s cooler undertone. Now those aside, these are truly the different kinds of red that (I think) every woman needs in her makeup bag.

  1. True Red – Starting at the middle of the spectrum of colors, I’m going for the true blue red. It’s a color that looks good on everyone. A true universal shade of red that flatters all skin tones and makes your teeth look white.The blue red here is the middle shade, the color is Ruby Woo by MAC
  2. Orange Red – An orange red flatters a warm undertone, but truly shows its value on a cooler undertone. The contrast between the orange red on a cooler undertone makes the orange truly pop. The color brings life into the skin and can turn a plain outfit into something worthy of a night out on the town. The orange red here is left to the true blue, shade is Ashy Red by Maybelline.
  3. Pinky Red – I’ve picked a more fuschia shade, but there are reds with a dash of pink in it. Like with the orange red on a cooler undertone, the pink red on a warm undertone makes the skin look healthy and vibrant because the color stands out. That being said, a more pinkish red such as the fuschia shade shown here (Pure Amaranthe by Loreal Paris) is a shade that will also pop on cooler undertone due to the vibrancy of the pink. For newbies, I would suggest a red with a less dose of pink in it such as Pure Scarletto by Loreal Paris.
  4. Wine Red – For the times when you want the bold version of you to shine, go for the deep red, the wine red, the oxblood red, the vampy red. The darkness of the red gives a hint of sexiness and mystery and without doubt confidence. It is is also one of those reds that will look great with a bold eye as well as a neutral eye without looking trashy. I have a weakness for deep reds and am forever on the search for my holy grail. The one here to the left of the true blue is Studded Kiss by MAC. I would also recommend Pure Garnet by Loreal Paris or the Jasmine by Colour pop x Disney Princesses.
  5. Purple Red – These reds have a touch more purple in the red giving them a more blackened tone of red. It is a color that would go perfectly for any yellow based outfit. It may not be a shade you use frequently, but it is a shade you would not want to miss out on. It’s also a shade that would come very handy during halloween when you are dressing for the devil. The first shade is the purple red, shade being Black Cherry by Revlon or other suggestion is Revlon Colourstay Moisture Stain in Parisian Passion.

The thing about formulation when working on a budget is to make the formulation you have, work with what you need. A creme lipstick can be blotted down to a stain or powdered down to a matte formulation. A matte or even creme formulation can be made glossy by applying clear lip gloss or even clear lip balm. Especially having to improvise I would suggest you give an equal amount of time for your make up as you would for clothes or hair. There are a variety of brands that provide colors of red at budgeted cost with great formulation.

Makeup is in essence an art, and in the words of Dan Humprey, you cannot rush art. So take your time at the counter and try different shades of red to get your picks of the colors so when the need comes and you know exactly what you are looking for.

Good Luck!