Book Review: Devil’s Daughter by Lisa Kleypas

I cannot put into words how excited I was about this book when Devil in Spring was released in February of last year. I mean this is Sebastian and Evie’s first born child and add that to the character of West Ravenel, who has the sense of humor that any girl would fall for. I pre-ordered the book and right on cue it landed in my Kindle on the release date. I stayed awake most of the night to finish it. My itch is that once I start a book, I cannot stop until I finish it or the series. I’ve been on a new binge with an another author (the reason why I have not posted in forever, but that is for later)

So coming to the non spoiler part of the book review, it was a bit of a let down for me. It did not have any of the normal angst and sweetness that I’ve come to expect with a Lisa Kleypas novel. Do not get me wrong, the book is good for a love story. Great story, amazing lead characters and even better supporting characters. But this book was not even nearly as good as Devil in Spring. Some sections are stretched way too long, perhaps to show the building of the chemistry. But others were way too rushed such as the ending. Honestly, I was more excited about the scenes of Sebastian the Duke of Kingston. I would tell you to skip this book in her series and read Devil in Spring, Marrying Winterborne or even Cold Hearted Rake.

This part of the review is going to have some spoilers. Firstly, Phoebe has been in mourning for the past 2 years and is apprehensive to go back to society. Understandably so, but her little son makes it so much easier for her in my opinion. Her deceased beloved husband, Lord Clare was tormented as a child in boarding school by none other that West Ravenel. And West has not made the connection that the boy he bullied, married the daughter of the Devil and fathered two sons before he passed. As the story progress we learn that West was tormented first by parents and family that never wanted him or his brother and later by the memories of his past debaucheries. He learns that the woman he cares for is the widow of a boy he bullied and makes amends by apologizing for his past misdeeds although he feels he not worthy enough to court the woman he loves from his past that is so tainted. That does not stop him from having a secret affair with her (which I got to say is pretty sexy)

“I can’t do this anymore,” he said bleakly, keeping his face averted. “I thought I could, but it’s going to kill me”. “I have to leave tomorrow. For my own sanity, I can’t stay with you any longer.”

The saving grace for me regarding this book is the Duke of Kingston. Riding in the last few chapters to convince a younger version of himself that he is most worthy of his daughter, who he has fetched from the House of Clare to reunite the couple. Very anti climatic ending.

“I don’t deserve her.” West mumbled, without intending to. “Of course you don’t. Neither do I deserve my wife. It’s an unfair fact of life that the worst men end up with the best women”.

Such sage advice. Honestly, this book is a forgettable love story for me. Especially in contrast with other really great books from the author. One thing to be said is that I am waiting in bathed breath for her final book in the series “Chasing Cassandra” The story of Lady Cassandra Ravenel and Mr. Tom Severin. (I’ve been waiting for this book since Marrying Winterborne).

Rating: 2.5/5