Brazilian Wax for the Indian Mind

I think everyone feels peer pressure at some stage in life, if not all. I remember, back in my 7th grade, one girl (the famous one) had come to school having waxed her legs. All the girls and guys were intrigued and excited respectively. She gave the impression that waxing was the in thing and certainly the boys enjoyed the idea. I remember thinking then, that waxing would make me more appealing to everyone, gain more friends, be more popular as they say. I hopped onto that bandwagon and now 15 years later I’m paying the price. That’s a story for another day, I’m working on mitigating the consequences of my waxing.

This is my opinion on Brazilian wax. For those of you who do not know what a Brazilian wax is, you basically reduce yourself to your prepubescent version of yourself down there. This will hopefully have answers to the questions you have about the Brazilian Wax.

I was not ignorant of the term or the payment paid in pain and soreness. I was always hesitant, to go for a wax for two very simple reasons 1) I was terrified of the pain and 2) I was going to show by vagina to a complete stranger. So I was a keen advocate of grooming oneself by which ever mode and means that felt more comfortable at the time. I probably have done it all, from free bush to complete shaving. I would advise to never completely shave down your bikini and vulva area. The re-growth is painful and not really worth all the effort you put into grooming yourself.

So, as time went by, I discovered that friends and family had indulged in a bikini or brazilian wax here and there. So I did what any person would do, I researched. When the information is available to easily, it is best to gather as much knowledge as possible before going through with which is new to you. I did not have the guts to go to a professional salon my first time. I cannot actually recommend or not recommend that because each person’s skin and skin reaction is different. If you do have sensitive skin, go to a professional. Never take an unnecessary risk.

So I read up a dozen articles and saw a dozen more videos. I’ve gathered all the information here and I hope it will be helpful for you if you are looking into Brazilian waxes yourself.

  1. Whether you decide for an at home try or want to go to a salon, always ask for hard wax (most salons perform a brazilian wax using hard wax but if not then definitely ask). Hard wax does not adhere to the skin only the hair. Further hard wax does not require a strip. It solidifies on the skin and you pull the wax off directly. Most hard waxes advertise that waxing with hard wax is pain free. This is a lie. You are removing hair, it’s going to hurt. The pain is quick and sharp, it does not linger thank goodness!!
  2. Once you apply the wax, you are committed. With hard wax, once you apply the wax, it has to come off. Preferably fast, because if you chicken out and want to slowly remove it, you are asking for a world of pain (It will feel like you are plucking each individual hair out). Best to yank it out fast.
  3. If you are a newbie to hard wax, practice on your arm or leg first. Get the feel of the wax, how best to apply and remove. It will get a bit of getting used to. I did not do this step and regretted it a lot!
  4. The result of the wax is smooth, silky skin, seriously! The best part is that it lasts a lot longer that shaving yourself smooth. Now a caveat, do not keep touch the skin down there, it will feel really tempting, trust me. But refrain yourself for a few hours (2-4 hours). The skin is tender and in some cases might have small bleeds (normal, you remove the hair from the follicle. Blood may ooze out, but it does not hurt) and repeatedly touching the skin can cause unwanted infection. You do not want unwelcome visitors when you just cleaned up your house! (FYI, this most certainly includes sex. Wait for a night. Your vagina will thank you for it!)
  5. Try to wear loose underwear or go commando if possible, immediately after your wax. The vulva needs a little space to breathe. You can use an ice pack, if you have very sensitive skin. I have normal, non fussy skin, it hurt, but the pain did not last more than a few seconds.
  6. As uncomfortable it will feel to strip down to a stranger, remember that this person (who is going to wax you) has probably seen hundreds of vaginas by now. It’s normal to have hair growth, really thick, coarse, hairy growth too. If the hair is too long, trim it down to an inch by yourself to avoid a stranger doing it. Take a deep breathe and be brave.

The Brazilian wax is an experience by itself. Everyone’s story is different and unique. I hope this article helped you.

Do message me if you have any queries.

Good Luck!