Lorraine Heath: Midnight Pleasures with a Scoundrel (Scoundrel’s of St. James #4)

Hey guys,

This is a review on a new author. I really do not know how I stumbled into her books. All I know is her writing and story is almost at par with one of my favorites: Lisa Kleypas (If you are looking to read a book by Kleypas, I recommend “Dreaming of You” click here for the review. Lorraine Heath is a newer find and definitely in my to read list. Her stories are compelling, witty and overall charming. Her books have this charm that reels you in. None more that this book, her fourth book in the Scoundrels of St. James series. The predecessors are all great books with humorous and touching stories. But this one book (I feel) is so much more special than all the others combined. Read on for a review with some few spoilers.

The book is the story of the third scoundrel, but the fourth character (if that makes sense). James Swindler, as a child, he was exactly as his name suggests, a swindler. Master at parting wealthy unsuspecting people with their coin. Grown up, he now works for Scotland Yard, working hard to put his unsavory past behind him and live an honorable life. When he is assigned to follow Ms. Elenor Watkins, who is suspected planning the murder of a well known lord (who is an utter waste of space, I might add), he discovers to life than he could have thought possible.


Elenor is after the Lord who caused her beloved twin sister enough harm that she committed suicide. Crossing paths with Swindler causes her to choose between love and revenge. In this story she chooses both and the real twist in this story that I did not see coming was that, these twin sisters are actually twin triplet. I do not know if that is actually possible, but I was definitely caught off guard. This fabulous twist, lifts the entire story. A fabulous read.

While the other books in her series are sweet and heartwarming in their stories and storytelling, this book captured my mind and heart like only Judith Mcnaught could. If you are looking for a wonderful read with some truly strong characters, give this book a go.

Rating 4.5/5 (Really, it is that good!)