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Dr. Sheth’s Eye Cream (Limited Edition)

Hey guys,

This is a product review for the Dr. Sheth’s Eye Cream. I bought this a while ago, but only recently started to use it my morning and night skin regimen.

So a quick backstory on the company and how I stumbled upon their skin care line. The company was started by a family of dermatologist specializing in skin are primarily for Indian Skin. They use organic and natural ingredients in their skin care line. They have described themselves as a luxury skin care brand. Although their line is not in any way economical, it is not completely out of the middle class budget. I contacted the company via Instagram to inquire if their products are vegan and cruelty free. They claim to be so, but it is not advertised on their site. They also do not fall in PETA’s list of cruelty free vegan brands (as fas as I know). I took the leap of faith and purchased this eye cream.

So what is this eye cream and what is so special?

Most of the active ingredients used in this eye cream are superfoods and organic. Quinoa, dates, Shea butter along with hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid and niacinamide, which is a form of vitamin B3. The website (click here) gives a detailed explanation on the benefits of the ingredients and the product in general.

I do not believe that any cream of for that matter 8-10 hours of sleep can completely remove the darkness underneath the eyes. These things have more than one contributing factor. Genes, sleep, diet etc all play an important role in how our skin feels and behaves. I can tell you this eye cream is hella moisturising. Crossing the 25 year milestone, my skin has slowly changed. Becoming more dry in places and oilier in others. One of the dryer places is the skin under my eyes and ironically the eyelids have become oiler. 

This cream is really hydrating. Once you apply if you give the cream enough time to set, it actually provided hydration over the course of the day, of course that also depends on your skin type. Application can also be specific to the person’s skin type. There are days I apply more and days I massage a very very light layer. But, over the course of my 3 weeks of using the cream, I noticed a change in the skin texture and overall luminosity. The skin just looks healthier. The amount of concealer and coverage I require also reduced. But let’s not get ahead of ourselves, there are days now that I skip a day due to laziness or travelling or I just have bad skin days because of hormones or bad diet. One thing I can say this that with dedicated use, this cream really does give a lot of benefits. A long term solution if you will rather than slapping a bandaid over a bullet wound.


Rating: 3.9/5