Book Review: Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas

Hey guys!

So this book that I read a few months ago was released a LONG time ago. To give an idea of how old this book was released in 1994, meaning I was three and now I’m 26. This book is what got me hooked onto Lisa Kleypas. Her story telling is very different in this book as compared to her newer releases. And of course as to be expected the story is very time period oriented. Needless to say this historical romance review is one of the best romance novels I’ve read. I know it did not sit well with a lot of readers but this story just tugged on my heart strings and has not let go. I still read this book again because of the amazing feeling this book leaves me with.

This book is the story of the handsome and dangerous owner of the Craven’s gaming hell who was first introduced in Then Came You, the first in the Gamblers Series.

Derek Craven having crawled out of the gutter where he was born, has built himself an impressive universe in the gaming hell where he rules and receives as he pleases. But his controlled life is sent spiraling when an innocent young lady saves him from being killed on the street.

This beautiful woman is Sarah Fielding. No Royal blood, no pampered upbringing, As an author of famous and well received book, she is woman beyond her time. She is independent, decisive, tenacious but also compassionate, kind and empathetic to Derek’s and his employees.

This book like all of Ms Kleypas’s books is filled with laughter and tears. Derek’s initially unwillingness to accept his or her feelings was truly an joy to read. The tenacious and kind Sarah inspires a goodness in him which binds him to her stronger than any physical bond could.

Certain parts of the book did not sit well with other readers such as *spoiler alert* when Derek who is heart broken when Sarah leaves London seeks comfort in a prostitute who physically resembles Sarah and even calls out her name. And of course the oppression of women at the time is also hard to swallow.

But all in all this book was a goldmine purchase for me. I love it and still read it on my Kindle. If you do read it or have read it, please let me know why you did or did not like it 🙂