Product Review

Product Review: Colourpop Eye shadow Palette: Dream St. by Kathleen Lights

Hey guys

I started following Kathleen Lights Youtube channel. Her tutorials are simple and easy while her reviews and general vernacular is awesome! When her Dream St. eye shadow palette collaboration with Colourpop released back in December 2017, I was excited to get it. After a few months of money crunch delays, I finally picked up the palette in April 2018.

So quick side story: I ordered for $50+ so that I could avail free global shipping and ended up paying Rs.1400 as import charges. This never happened in my previous purchases of <$50 (Check that blog here) For those purchases I was charged $9.99 as shipping fees which works out to cheaper than the import charges. So i suggest all you guys buying Colourpop to buy for less thank $50 so you can save on import charges.

So for the review of the eye shadow palette. My office does not really take to eye shadow really well, so i usually just stick to using the eye shadows on my lash line. So how good exactly is this palette? Worth your money and shipping charges?

This palette is very different from my usual buys because it has a bold colours as well as neutral shades. But keep in mind the neutrals might not be neutral for everyone. The reason I wanted to buy this palette was because of Water bearer. It is the most beautiful turquoise blue I have ever seen. Awesome shadow; very pigmented. A+ shade.

There are a few matte shades. I feel some of the matte shades like shooting star, magical and spark do not have as good a payoff as Water bearer. It could just be my skin because I feel pigmentation of the eye shadows always depend on the skin type. The flip side of the lesser payoff is that you  do not have to fear adding too much colour and the shadows are definitely build-able. So unless you need a good payoff on the first application the matte shadows are definitely good.

The single satin and metallic shades really do not need a review, pigmentation is A+, Payoff is A+, Texture is A+. There are good brow bone or inner eye corner highlight that works on my skin tone and I’m an NC 35.

The palette is definitely worth the wait for me. But guys check on as many reviews on different skin tones as possible to have an idea of how the colours pop on your eyeshadow (pun intended).

Enjoy XOXO