Book Review: The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare


After my long love for Judith Mcnaught and Lisa Kleypas, I have re-fallen in love with Tessa Dare’s story telling. The author certainly has a way with words. Humorous and Heart warming, her story telling may not always be accurate historically but the story as such is something new and honestly refreshing.

Most authors have a similarity in their novels which you can observe if you have read enough of their book. Judith Mcnaught stories are often very emotional, with some huge misunderstanding between the lead pair that causes an estrangement which later resolves out. Similarity in the physicality of the of the hero and heroine to the love-making scene stand out after reading a few of Judith Mcnaught’s books.

Lisa Kleypas’s books bring out more humor with her similarity lying in the fact that either protagonist falls ill as is nursed back to health by the other leading to dramatic change in emotion which causes ‘passionate love’ as quoted from her books. Both books rely of both leading members to be physically attractive in each other and everyone else’s eyes. That is where Tessa Dare is different.

This book I read (The Duchess Deal) is the first on her newest series. Her story tells of the a physically scarred man who’s fiance’ has vocally and physically shown her repulsion towards the scars on his face and body. The hero, hurt emotionally and physically turns to duty. Duty to sire a heir to carry on his title the Duke of Ashbury. He settles for his former fiance’s seamstress who checks all his requirement in a bride. The witty, compassionate and strong Emma marries him for the practicality of her situation. She later recognizes the strong sense of loyalty and concern in the Duke that makes her fall in love with him and in turn makes him realize that he is very much deserving of love. Her complete disregard to his scars and his incredulity towards that leave a certain amount of humor which left me chuckling for quite a while. Wit and humor is almost palpable in this book along with the emotional happiness that reading this book leaves you with. Her love scene writing skill are impeccable with the right about of naughty and nice, sensual and sensitive. The books also shows that physical attractiveness lies in the eye of the beholder. Emma sees the prince where as Annabelle Worthing (the former fiance’) only sees the beast. It would suffice to say the beauty ends up with the beast in the end of the day

This book is the first book in a long time that I would give such a high rating for. Please try this book out. It well worth the read.

Rating 4.8/5