Product Review

Forest Essential: Hair Vitalizer Bhringraj


Hair fall is something that everyone has. In fact a certain amount of hair fall is normal and needed. The older dead hair falls away leaving room for a new hair in its place. Hence losing about 50 strands of hair everyday is normal. But there is normal hair fall and then is hair fall. The hair fall that makes you feel like you will be bald soon could be due to a variety of reason.

Unless the problem is genetic, hair fall problems can be solved. Maintaining a good diet with high protein intake, with omega 3 & omega 6 will help in overall hair growth. If maintaining a diet is proving to be difficult, the alternative is to provide a supplement for the hair growth. The supplement that has worked for me is the Hair Vitalizer from Forest Essential.

The sales assistant recommended that I spray the product onto freshly washed – dried hair, massaged into the scalp and then comb through with a wide toothed comb. The price that on the product was so hefty that I felt cheated for the amount of product you get. I used it everyday in the morning before styling my hair for work. But the one month that the bottle lasted, yielded such amazing results that I did not hesitate in re-purchasing it every time I finish a bottle. I am on my 5th bottle by the way. The product not only aids in hair growth but has also helped in dandruff and dry damaged hair.

This product is what drew me to Forest Essentials as a brand and certainly recommend the product to anyone who asks me what I do for my hair to grow. I would recommend it to anyone who has hair products pertaining to hair loss, dandruff & dryness.

If you are planning to try a product from this brand, go for this one. And please use it diligently every day. The effect shows over time. Your hair will grow and one day you will notice all the problems have either reduced or vanished altogether. I guess ayurvedic recipes give results over the course of time. The results are long lasting too. If you want to follow the regimen that I follow check it out: Bhringadi for Hair. Try it out and let me know 🙂

Rating: 5/5