Book Review: Hello Stranger by Lisa Kleypas


I remember reading ‘Devil in Spring’ with such adoration that I could not wait for the next in the Ravenels Series. I was disappointed when the release date for ‘Hello Stranger’ was February 25th of 2018. So I locked my excitement in a box and tucked it away in the corner of my mind. When the book released, I bought the kindly version and started reading it pronto. So beware spoilers will be there in my review.

The book as you know is the story of the Dr. Garrett Gibson and the lost Ravenel child Ethan Ransom. The story is reminiscent of Ms. Kleypas’s Bow Street Runner Series. Similar in story type i.e hero in a law enforcement organization trying to thwart the corrupt from succeeding. Along the way he falls for the extraordinary Dr. Gibson, who by Lisa Kleypas way of writing not only nursing him from ill health but also saves his life by blood transfusion in a time before blood group was even discovered.

The book is an entertainment on its own, whether its the banter between Ethan and Gibson or West Ravenel’s dry sarcasm, the book certainly made me laugh out loud. The book is most certainly humorous with Mr. Ransom tugging on the heartstrings quite eloquently.

The book fills certainly fills the holes in the story left behind in the previous novel. With many of the character from previous books being mentioned or having their own time in the book, ‘Hello Stranger’ certainly lived up to the expectation. I will also say that with all the anticipation I had for the book, certain areas were a let down. Such as how Ethan and Garrett saved the day so the say. But for a lone read or a newly discovered fan, this is book you will enjoy, I give you my guarantee.

Book rating 4/5

Let me know what you guys think of the book if you have read it.