Book Review: Dreaming of You by Lisa Kleypas

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So this book that I read a few months ago was released a LONG time ago. To give an idea of how old this book was released in 1994, meaning I was three and now I’m 26. This book is what got me hooked onto Lisa Kleypas. Her story telling is very different in this book as compared to her newer releases. And of course as to be expected the story is very time period oriented. Needless to say this historical romance review is one of the best romance novels I’ve read. I know it did not sit well with a lot of readers but this story just tugged on my heart strings and has not let go. I still read this book again because of the amazing feeling this book leaves me with.

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Product Review

Product Review: Colourpop Eye shadow Palette: Dream St. by Kathleen Lights

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I started following Kathleen Lights Youtube channel. Her tutorials are simple and easy while her reviews and general vernacular is awesome! When her Dream St. eye shadow palette collaboration with Colourpop released back in December 2017, I was excited to get it. After a few months of money crunch delays, I finally picked up the palette in April 2018.

So quick side story: I ordered for $50+ so that I could avail free global shipping and ended up paying Rs.1400 as import charges. This never happened in my previous purchases of <$50 (Check that blog here) For those purchases I was charged $9.99 as shipping fees which works out to cheaper than the import charges. So i suggest all you guys buying Colourpop to buy for less thank $50 so you can save on import charges.

So for the review of the eye shadow palette. My office does not really take to eye shadow really well, so i usually just stick to using the eye shadows on my lash line. So how good exactly is this palette? Worth your money and shipping charges?

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Book Review: The Duchess Deal by Tessa Dare


After my long love for Judith Mcnaught and Lisa Kleypas, I have re-fallen in love with Tessa Dare’s story telling. The author certainly has a way with words. Humorous and Heart warming, her story telling may not always be accurate historically but the story as such is something new and honestly refreshing.

Most authors have a similarity in their novels which you can observe if you have read enough of their book. Judith Mcnaught stories are often very emotional, with some huge misunderstanding between the lead pair that causes an estrangement which later resolves out. Similarity in the physicality of the of the hero and heroine to the love-making scene stand out after reading a few of Judith Mcnaught’s books.

Lisa Kleypas’s books bring out more humor with her similarity lying in the fact that either protagonist falls ill as is nursed back to health by the other leading to dramatic change in emotion which causes ‘passionate love’ as quoted from her books. Both books rely of both leading members to be physically attractive in each other and everyone else’s eyes. That is where Tessa Dare is different.

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Product Review

Forest Essential: Hair Vitalizer Bhringraj


Hair fall is something that everyone has. In fact a certain amount of hair fall is normal and needed. The older dead hair falls away leaving room for a new hair in its place. Hence losing about 50 strands of hair everyday is normal. But there is normal hair fall and then is hair fall. The hair fall that makes you feel like you will be bald soon could be due to a variety of reason.

Unless the problem is genetic, hair fall problems can be solved. Maintaining a good diet with high protein intake, with omega 3 & omega 6 will help in overall hair growth. If maintaining a diet is proving to be difficult, the alternative is to provide a supplement for the hair growth. The supplement that has worked for me is the Hair Vitalizer from Forest Essential.

The sales assistant recommended that I spray the product onto freshly washed – dried hair, massaged into the scalp and then comb through with a wide toothed comb. The price that on the product was so hefty that I felt cheated for the amount of product you get. I used it everyday in the morning before styling my hair for work. But the one month that the bottle lasted, yielded such amazing results that I did not hesitate in re-purchasing it every time I finish a bottle. I am on my 5th bottle by the way. The product not only aids in hair growth but has also helped in dandruff and dry damaged hair.

This product is what drew me to Forest Essentials as a brand and certainly recommend the product to anyone who asks me what I do for my hair to grow. I would recommend it to anyone who has hair products pertaining to hair loss, dandruff & dryness.

If you are planning to try a product from this brand, go for this one. And please use it diligently every day. The effect shows over time. Your hair will grow and one day you will notice all the problems have either reduced or vanished altogether. I guess ayurvedic recipes give results over the course of time. The results are long lasting too. If you want to follow the regimen that I follow check it out: Bhringadi for Hair. Try it out and let me know 🙂

Rating: 5/5

Beauty guide, Skincare

Organic skin care: For better or worse


Skincare is not something I have had to deal with until very recently because I have fairly fuss free skin. Combination skin type with (lucky me) a high tolerance to most skincare and makeup products. But as I crossed my 24th birthday, I noticed the tiny lines around my eyes loss in overall natural glow of my skin. So as any worried 24 year old would be I set out to try out all the skin care products I could afford. What I kept in mind was that is something Michelle Phan said once, “if it’s going onto your skin directly, invest in good quality product”. I tried every drugstore skincare regime you can imagine. (buy the smallest size available if you are trying the product for the first time. Its economical and effective). Drugstore brands do give result, but they are more time oriented and the fact that most drugstore brands test on animals I decided to try the good ol’ organic route.

India is were ayurveda was born. Most people have rave reviews of the effects of ayurveda be it medicinal or not. The brand Kama Ayurveda claims to inculcate the knowledge of ayurveda directly into the products. So the products are 100% organic, cruelty free, paraben free, limited shelf life and truth be told a tab bit expensive. The company is very similar to Forest Essentials. Kama Ayurveda would be one price bracket below Forest Essentials in my opinion. I already gave a review of two products in my hair care blog Bhringadi for Hair

So my current skin care routine is mostly their products and I must say, they do show amazing results. If you can afford to splurge a little make sure its skin care and its this brand. ( Sensitive skin types can try out their cute little testers)

  1. Face-wash: This is the only only non Kama Ayurveda brand but a organic one none the less. The Body Shop Aloe Calming Foaming Facewash. This particular face wash is for sensitive skin (which I do not have). I use this one because it is least drying of all their face washes. It also leaves my skin really squeaky clean. But it is a pinch on the pocket but lasts forever. Seriously! I am into my second month with this bottle I am only half way through the bottle!
  2. Face-Scrub: This was what drew me to their skin care. The ‘Kumkumadi Brightening Ayurvedic Face Scrub’ has amazing reviews online as well as on nykaa. One time use of this face scrub does not yield any spectacular results but with diligent use, my skin has a lit from within glow. I only need a small amount. I scrub my nose and my forehead (oily T-zone) and wash off with warm water. I use this once every two -three days. Unless I have had an extra dusty day while traveling and need a little deeper cleaning.
  3. Serum: Seeing the results of the scrub, i purchases the ‘Kumkumadi Miraculous Beauty Fluid’. This is an ayurvedic night serum. The oil is termed as dry oil. Meaning the oil needs an hydrated surface to help spread more evenly. The sales assistant recommended I use the face mist. The process is to the mist the face and then spread 2-3 drops of the fluid over the skin. The fluid does have an ayurvedic scent. I personally do not find the scent overwhelming although I have read other blogs stating that the smell is overwhelming to them. Depends on personal preference. Even if the scent is overbearing, the benefits of this fluid is really worth a one hour of an uncomfortable scent.
  4. Face-oil: Depending on how tired my skin looks and feels, I might layer another product. Until recently I was using the Olay Total Effects Day cream at night because the product is heavily moisturizing for my combination skin. Off lately I have started to use the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Formulae Skin Therapy Face Oil. I purchased it online after reading some goof reviews on the product. I apply the oil at night over the Kumkumadi night fluid. I personally do not have any major wrinkles, although I do feel like my skin is extremely hydrated and supple the next day.  The product does have retinol and the product does warn not to use the product prior to stepping out into the sun as retinol increases the skin’s sensitivity to sunlight. Hence I use it at night for an overnight treatment.

Depending on how my skin feels, I also might treat myself to a face mask (sheet mask or otherwise). If it is a sheet mask, the product does advice to rub the residue into the skin. But the treatment in the sheet masks tend to feel overly tacky on my skin. I wipe it off with a wash cloth and proceed with the Kama Ayurveda Night Serum.

The whole process (minus the sheet mask) takes about 10-15 mins. Well worth my time for the benefits I get. If any of you have had an allergic reaction to any product I’ve mentioned do leave a message. The information would be most welcome



Book Review: Hello Stranger by Lisa Kleypas


I remember reading ‘Devil in Spring’ with such adoration that I could not wait for the next in the Ravenels Series. I was disappointed when the release date for ‘Hello Stranger’ was February 25th of 2018. So I locked my excitement in a box and tucked it away in the corner of my mind. When the book released, I bought the kindly version and started reading it pronto. So beware spoilers will be there in my review.

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