Bhringadi for Hair

Hey guys,

Hair loss is something all of us deal with. Its a struggle. Like weight loss, you need dedication to power through a routine that can help reduce hairfall. Lets be real, we all can not always maintain a healthy diet and with contraints of water quality, sun exposure and dust, our hair takes a real beating. I’m also among that section of people for whom the ‘antifall’ hair shampoos fail. Every single time. So what did I do?

Now, you need to spend a bit of your money here but if you are dedicated it WILL show results. There are two products whose combined use has helped me tremendously. They are

  1. The Forest Essentials Bhringaraj Hair Revitalizer
  2. Kama Ayurveda Bringadi Intensive Hair Oil Treatment

Now the main ingredient as you guess is the Bhringadi. Potent and powerfully packed, this herb is known to help not only in hair fall but also in hair conditioning and hair growth.

Now I wash my hair every night. I let it dry over night and in the morning, i spritz the forest essentials hair spray on to scalp ONLY. Massage it in and style my hair and normal. But this is a routine i do everyday. So be persistent.

I oil my scalp with the Kama ayurveda Oil every 3-4 days. I also do an amateur head massage and bring the oil down onto the ends of my hair. If my hair is really dy and dead i put a little coconut oil on the ends and let the oil sit on my hair for an hour or more. So this routine is in the night for me

Be persistent because it does give results. But i should say this has not made my hair any thicker, just longer and stronger.

If you try this do let me know how it works for you