2 in 1 Body Scrub

Hey guys,

When I was in my early teens, I purchased this book (which I have since lost), which was a book for teenagers about skincare, hair and makeup. Most teens do not require a lot of products unless you suffer from skin related problems. So that book was ideal for someone like me. It had a recipe for a home mode body scrub which provided exfoliation and moisturization which I use to this day. It’s very simple and you have all the ingredients in your kitchen.

You will need

1 cup of granulated sugar

2 tablespoons of milk (almond milk for vegans)

2 tablespoons of oil (olive oil/coconut oil/vegetable oil/)

Add the milk and sugar to make a very think paste and then add the oil. You should obtain a slightly watery cream. If the scrub is too watery add more sugar.

Use:- Make sure you are in the shower. Start by rubbing the mixture in all the dry places first and then use the mixture on the rest of your body. Do not use on the face.

Once you are done just wash it all off with luke warm water. It will wash off like a breeze and the small amount of oil remaining will provide the moisturize room you need. If its too oily, wash off with soap and moisturize with your favorite lotion or body butter.

This is an amazing body scrub. Do try and let me know how it works for you.

Good Luck!