Product Review

Colourpop: Product Review


This is a company that has made a name for itself by promising and delivering quality products at an unbeatable price. Their products are cruelty free and vegan! Although there is no Colourpop store in India, they do ship their products to India. If you are wondering how the process goes, I may be able to help you out. Check out my blog on international shipping from Colourpop.

All the goodies I got were from their Super Shock range. Their formula for these products are unlike anything in the Indian Market currently. They have a mousse (almost wet) like texture but on application it feels like a powder. Super smooth and super blend able. Synthetic brushes are advised as opposed to natural fiber brushes. I just use my fingers. It does state on the external packaging that the product needs to be tightly closed to preserve the formula and prevent drying.

I picked up 3 Eye shadows. Each eyeshadow was for $5. Wattles and Drift in the Satin Range. Sundance in the Ultra Metallic range.

The satin finish has more pigment to glitter ratio. The glitter though visible is not the main show. This finish provides a colour with a touch of shimmer which can be noticed when the light hit it. That being the said, the glitter is NOT chunky. It is beautifully refined and provides sparkle that sets it apart from the matte variant. When I read ultra metallic I thought glitter overboard which I was pretty apprehensive about because I’m more of a subtle eye makeup girl. If this range has glitter it would have to be very very fine.  The glitter in the satin range is more visible than the ultra metallic. This range is just like having a ultra metallic sheen.

The price of Blush ranges from $5 to $6. I got Thumper (a matte bubblegum pink).

Although this blush is super cool toned for my warm undertones, the blush colour is buildable. Hence a small amount is enough to give a hint of cool pink. I feel cool toned colours pop on warm undertones if applied in the right amount. Further a colour such as Thumper would not be easily available in the Indian market.

The last item I picked up was a rose gold highlighter named Butterfly Beach. The finish of the highlighter is similar to the ultra metallic eye shadow range but much much more toned down. I picked up the rose gold variant because again the shade and formula is not easily available. In one word this highlighter is Beautiful. Perfect for Indian skin tone.

Unfortunately the piece I received was either damaged during transit or I was given a defective piece, but I can still use it. I mailed the customer service at Colourpop and after providing photographic proof, I was provided with a coupon code to with same price as the defective highlighter. This was an awesome effort by Colourpop!

If you have bought products from Colourpop please let me know!

Luck! XO