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Colourpop: International Payment and Shipping


I know I’m a little late to the party when it comes to this brand of makeup. Colourpop is now famous for provided luxury type of quality in drugstore range of price, sometimes even for economical.

Since I don’t have a credit card to make online purchases for post International websites that offer international shipping I was pleased to know that Colourpop does accept Paypal which I fortunately activated for my SB account for payment for an exam. The process to activate Paypal is extremely easy. It only requires you to activate your account by making a $12 payment. The amount is debited from your account and is remitted back into your account within 30 days. This option of Paypal enables me to make online purchases from international websites without the necessity of having a credit card. I wanted from Em Cosmetics but it currently does not ship to India. Though some companies accept Paypal not all of them do. This is an option for you guys who do not have a credit card.

When it comes to using Paypal for purchasing from Colourpop, you do not even have to enter address details because of the details provided by Paypal during successful payment.International shipping is available on the Colourpop website and its deliver’s right to your doorstep. It uses the USPS which is the Unites States Postal Service. Unless the products you have purchased are during a sale there should be no other delay in them shipping. It usually takes them 24-48 hours to ready your parcel for international shipping. Once the parcel has been placed under USPS, you can track the location of it using their tracking service available on their website. The information was updated regularly until the parcel reached the Delhi Foreign Post Office after which I lost all information on the location and status of my product.

After reading really depressing information on the net, I was resigned to wait for a month or so to get any information regarding my shipment. Surprisingly enough I my local postman delivered it to me 14 after the package reached Delhi Foreign Post Office. I am inclined to think that the delay was due to Diwali Holidays. I was also pleasantly surprised when I got my product without having to pay a customs fee from my Local Foreign Post (Cochin). I think this is because my parcel was below the minimum weight required to charge a customs fee, I could be wrong. But I would also advice customers to purchase less than the $50 limit which enables free international shipping because although you may escape the international shipping charge, you will probably have to pay at least half of your price of your order as Indian customs fee (Based on other blogs). International shipping charges to India from Colourpop is $9.99 which in my opinion works out a LOT cheaper.

If international shipping is not available in the site of your choice, you can use Registration on the website is pretty simple, providing your Personal details such as Name, Age, Address etc. They DO NOT take your bank account details. Once registered they provide you a complete virtual address in the US. When it comes to providing an address to send items to, provide this virtual address that the website gives you. The confirmation email containing the purchases, address and amount is to be forwarded to their customer care. This is merely to inform them that your package is to arrive. They will inform you of successful collection of your parcel. They do charge you a customs fee which depends on the weight of your product. You can pay this customs fee using Credit/Debit/Netbanking. Once you have paid the amount, send them an email with details of your parcel and the reference number indicating successful transfer of funds. They will them ship the parcel to the address that you have entered during registration.

Note: I have not actually used to this service although I have signed up for it because I have a registered Paypal account with my Indian Address.


Total price: $35.99 (including international shipping charge)

Date of purchase : 12th October 2017

Date of delivery : 25th October 2017

Hope this is helpful to some of you

Good Luck!