Teenager to Adult: How to tackle your early 20s


I know most people tend to write about the significance of your entire 20s, and it is very useful, but having crossed over into the post 25s, I’ve realized a LOT happens during the time you hit legal adulthood at 18.

At 17 you are still in high school, pressured by parents, teachers or even yourself to keep a good track record of grades and curricular activities to make application to graduate school more appealing. Once you get into college, its a whole other ball game. While there are some people who study close to home, there are many starry eyed youngsters venturing out into the world for the first by heading to hostels and dormitories. No amount of advice and prep talk can actually prepare you for how that kind of freedom feels like. I remember eagerly leaving home and living in hostel till graduation and I never felt home sick. I was excited. Looking back, I suppose a part of it was due to the fact that I was going to Manipal University. Whichever college you head to, there are a few headlights that you get hit by.

  1. The freedom you get is a trust that is placed in you by your folks to not screw up. They are setting you free but watch you from the corner of their eye. Don’t screw that up. Its natural to want to experiment a few things here and there in college. I would even advice you to try because it is the only way you know for sure what truly interests you. When to draw the line? Listen to your gut. Its there for a reason.
  2. One true friend is better than a hundred acquaintances.  Finding friends is not easy. You can sharpen your socializing skills here. Meet more people. When you do find them,  keep ’em close. You won’t get them in all walks of your life. Friends are the family you get to choose. So choose wisely.
  3. Unless you’ve done away with your virginity when you were in high school, Its very likely that this is the time period when you are going to be intimate with someone. Try not to fall to peer pressure. Having said that I also would advice on NOT waiting for perfection to walk up. If you have serious feelings for a person who you can be honest and connect with go for it. Having said that, Sex when you aren’t in the mood is a painful and awkward process. Be honest with your partner.
  4. Take your studies seriously. Its why you went there. Keep a decent GPA. The reason being is that most companies will have a minimum requirement of CGPA. One thing I did not consider, which I had, was the percentage conversion. CGPA to percentage could drastically reduce your overall mark which may cause a problem when trying to meet the required criteria.  So depending on your college and job opportunities, do your homework and find out the minimum requirement and trying keeping a few points above that to be safe. You will thank yourself for the extra hard work when you are job hunting.

College is going to open your eyes to whole load of new experiences and people. Try to keep an open mind and not judge. Circumstances and situation greatly change our course of action so be prepared for a few hurdles. Overall this early adulthood is the time when most people turn into the butterfly you are meant to be. This time is unique because you have almost all advantages of being an adult without the worries of adult life (bills, targets, etc). Try to forge your friendships and gather as many memories you can. Life goes by way too fast to not enjoy the moment.

Good Luck!