When to spend and when to save


Recently I was walking by my local cosmetics shop contemplating on buying some new makeup products after ages. I wasn’t looking for anything in particular just browsing around. I was stumped by the ranges of products to their prices. I remember back in high school when all i used was a black eyeliner and lip balm. The variety of products have increased since then and now customers are spoiled for choice, maybe even a little intimidated. So coming to the point, when you finally reach a place in life when you need some cosmetics can afford the products and use them effectively, what do you decide on? Which brand? Where to start? Is it a given that the more expensive the better the quality??

Most brands will have a price bracket to target different financial sectors of their customers.  So when walking around the trying and testing products, make sure you try the lower priced products as well. Some of them really give you a bang for your buck! One brand for makeup I would request you check out is Faces Canada as well as Elle 18. Both have pretty good products for their price range. But do remember, the products may not have the polish, lasting capability or shelf life as there counterparts in the variant above. If you are figuring yourself out, testing products to see what suits you, start out here. It will give you an idea to what you prefer and will not seem as intimidating.

On the skincare side, Juicy Chemistry & Lotus are good options. The reason being the ingredients put into the product. So keep a look out for the key ingredients as well as chemical ones. The herbal factor is an added bonus for people with sensitive skin and acne prone skin. Juicy chemistry in my opinion is worth every note you put down. It comprises of organic ingredients without preservatives, this means that you have to use the product in 2-3 months as they start to decompose.  Lotus has a great range of sunscreen. For kids going to school, load up on this. I cannot emphasis on how important it is especially if you play sports or walk to school. Some brands use paraben formulations. If you aren’t sure, research on your phone on the spot before picking it up

So once you’ve figured it what you like, where to spend and where to save? Well, whatever goes directly onto your face like face cream, primer or foundation require better quality since it sits directly on your skin. And a larger surface area of your skin might I say. Teenagers don’t really need primer or foundation, your skin in beautiful right now, so please stick to a sunscreen, BB cream or any other tinted moisturizer. As you age, I would say recommend better quality skin care rather than makeup. If your skin is well nourished, the lesser make up you need.  Invest in a good serum, targeting the problematic section of your skin: acne, pigmentation, fine lines etc. For more mature skin, opt for a good night cream that intensively moisturizes your skin. Juicy chemistry, Lotus, Lakme and L’Oreal have a few that produce results with dedicated regular use.

Under makeup, foundation (liquid or powder) should be where you invest the most. If you are not sure which brand to go for, research on the reviews of foundations from family members, different bloggers and friends keeping a keen eye out on their skin type and skin texture. If the canvas is different the resulting painting will also differ. Your skin type and texture are deciding factors when picking out a foundation, so test the market before you settle on your holy grail. If you have a choice between a expensive foundation or expensive lipstick, go for the foundation, not only because of the quality ingredients that settle on your skin, but also the longevity and polish of the product.

Lipstick, blushes and eyeshadow are places where you can save, if don’t have uber sensitive skin. There are many dupes of famous brands and shades available. Further, luxury brands like Lancome, Armani, YSL etc are from brands (L’Oreal) that also create products for the masses. So the colors and quality eventually trickles down to these products. For example, the L’Oreal matte moist lipstick or the Pure Reds have a mention able  quality and color range. If you wear your eyeliner in your waterline, please be picky about these as well. Rather avoid a nasty infection in your eye.

Lastly, more than anything, if you are buying products, even if they are online, try the product on yourself at the counter before you commit. The effect you saw on a video or picture of a blogger may differ on your skin because of your skin undertone and texture. I once bought a foundation totally wrong for my skin and wasted quite a bit of money on it.

Splurge on a luxury item once in a while. I can’t tell about their foundations since I have never used them, but the lipticks (even the matte ones) are softly moisturizing and last well enough.

Good Luck shopping!!