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Melt free Makeup


For someone who has lived her whole lived in the coast, I’ve grown accustomed to having my sunscreen slide off my face or my mascara run due to the sweat on my face. But there a few ways to help prevent this. Mind you, there is no way to make competely sweat free unless you are in an air conditioned environment. I also think it’s because I have over active sweat gland. (TMI, I know). So tips to make makeup sweat proof.

  1. Reduce products- Stick with products you absolutely need. Try not to pile on foundation, concealer and powder. With all the sweating going on, you could look like a hot mess. I stick to a concealer for my under eyes and powder the rest of my face. I’m genetically blessed that I don’t have problematic skin. But a pimple or two does arise (quick tip – use toothpaste to help sooth an angry looking pimple, that or eye drops). So try reducing the layers of your base. Primers with built in SPF or sunscreen that can double up as primer. It will help your skin breathe and your pores will thank you for it.
  2. Wax does hold- Wax isn’t just used in hair products, it is used in makeup too. A lot of eyeliners, mascaras and eyebrow products are wax based. Hence they are water resistant and last a lot longer. Remember (1) always curl those lashes to make them eyes appear wider. It really does make the biggest difference. (2) while filling in your brows, use a light hand. You don’t want to look like you painted them onto your face.
  3. Lipstick- This goes by one preference. You could always use a long lasting matte lipstick. But I tend to stick with tinted lip balms and lip butters during the day. If I’m dressing to impresses some one during the day, coat on a rosy pink lip gloss or lipstick and use a little of the products to add some color onto your cheeks. When I invest in a product I try to see the multi functional uses.

Sunlight is a lot less forgiving when it comes to appearance of blemish free skin. The more makeup you pile on your face the more the makeup appears cake like. Since I know I’m going to be sweating, I always carry either wet wipes or a small packet of tissues. After wiping my face i re-apply the powder over my T zone. Remember to carry a small deodorant or a travel size perfume. Smelling fresh can go a long way into feeling good.

Enjoy the summer. It’s the best time for road trip and beach visits.

Good Luck XO